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Image of our new 12,000 sq ft showroomWith 70 styles representing hundreds of granite slabs from quarries over the world all on display under one roof, you can select the exact color and pattern for your dream kitchen in air-conditioned comfort. Also tour our showcase of fully-constructed ideal kitchens and baths to stir your creativity. 2160 West Princeton Dr. (Hwy 380), Princeton, TX 75407.

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We highly recommend Jubilee for all of your granite countertop needs...
I cannot say enough good things about Jubilee and I recommend them highly...
We are delighted with the way our kitchen turned out and the whole process was so effortless on our part. All the Jubilee folks were wonderful to work with...
We were completely pleased with the outcome of our kitchen remodel...

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Elegant styles custom created for any home or commercial project.

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No two slabs are alike. Choose yours in person in our yard!

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Learn about the different types of countertops.

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Learn about countertop selection, care and maintenance.

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Stone Colors and Appearance

Pictures of Natural Stone varieties

Granites and marbles are quarried throughout the world in a variety of colors and varying mineral compositions. In most cases, marbles and granites can be identified by visible particles at the surface of the stone. Marble will normally show "veins" or high concentrations. The minerals in granite will typically appear as small flecks distributed uniformly in the stone. Each type of stone is unique and will varuy in color, texture and marking.

Sandstones vary widely in color due to different minerals and clays found in the stone. Sandstone is light gray to yellow or red. A dark redsign brown sandstone, also called brownstone, has commonly been used in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Bluestone is a dense, hard, fine-grained sandstone of greenish-gray or bluish-gray color and is quarried in the eastern United States.

Limestone is a widely-used building stone with colors typically light gray, tan or buff. A distinquishing characteristic of many limestones is the presence of fossils that are frequently visible in the stone surface.

Slate is dark green, black, gray, dark red or multi-colored. It is most commonly used as a flooring material and for roof tiles and is often distinguished by it's distinct cleft texture.

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Jubilee Granite Countertops has over 30yrs experience providing beautiful granite and marble countertops in Dallas, Plano, McKinney, and throughout North Texas. We are the Fabricators! We stock and install custom granite and marble kitchen countertops and much more. If you’re remodeling, renovating, or building a custom home we offer one of Dallas, Texas largest selections of on-site slab inventories with more than 40 varieties to choose from. As the manufacturer, our fabricator direct advantage includes installation by highly-skilled professionals.




Jubilee's Price Advantage

From concept to installation, we do it all. With no middlemen to increase the cost, we pass the savings to you. And no one cares more about professional installation than the same team that produced your order.

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fireplace surround

Fireplace surrounds: Natural stone showcases the focal point of your home.


custom baths

Custom baths: Relax in style to wash away your cares and elevate your mood.


marble edge

Counter edges: Each edge is handcrafted by artisans of the highest calibre.